"...each character has a surprise, a fresh kernel of truth already hidden in the script, waiting to bloom...Pask’s Juliet, no innocent, is all self-possession even in the throes of passion, solemn as a sage, farsighted as if she’s already somehow looking back on her short, sad life. Her character might be pubescent, but Pask makes her love a woman’s love."

-Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle

"Taha Mandviwala and Isabel Pask are delightful, bringing to the time-honored characters a freshness and vigor...the all too familiar balcony scene is short on moonlit rhetoric and atmosphere but has a disarming clarity and logic.

-Philip Pearce, Performing Arts Monterey Bay


“Most remarkably, that cast of just 10...Chief among them are Siddiq Saunderson and Isabel Pask as Ibanez and his Casilda. Romantic love and even lust have never seemed so virginal. Their faces are a map of the play’s complex passions.

-Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"All three of the play’s lead actors—Pask, Saunderson, and Mihm—perform wonderfully in their roles, each delivering a strong soliloquy and interacting with the other actors in a smooth, steady manner."

-Rick Handler, Entertainment Central Pittsburgh




"The book’s main character Esperanza was expressed through several disciplines: a highly expressive, moving spoken role by Isabel Pask…"

-Tom Dinardo, The Chautauquan Daily

Photos: John Altdorfer, Jana Marcus