Feature film | drama

When Sophia’s younger sister falls into a bout of depression, she steals her away from college to hike across the Grand Canyon in an attempt to inspire recovery, heal from her own bad breakup, and mend the sisters’ relationship. This is a film about what it means to choose your family, again and again. 

Status: Script. Victoria Pedretti (The Haunting of Hill House, You, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) attached to direct. Proof of Concept in pre-production for Fall 2021.


The Lord's Work, cowritten with Macy Atkinson.

Feature film | comedy, coming-of-age

Two childhood best friends fulfill their greatest dream of being counselors at the evangelical Christian camp that raised them, but when they realize their little slice of heaven may actually have them in a chokehold, the pair wonders if they've been looking for divinity in all the wrong places.

Status: Script.


Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 7.02.49 PM.png

This is Not a Love Letter, CNT Productions.

Short | experimental, choreo-poem

Status: Out on YouTube (125K+ views). Featured in Glamour, Ms. Magazine, FilmDaily, and USA Today. Recognized by Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, Venice Shorts, Big Apple Film Festival, 9th International Video Poetry Festival. Recipient of Best Experimental Short at the Women's Voices Now Film Festival.

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(in)alienable, in association with the Bellwether Project.


Santiago Flores, a tenacious, Mexican-American QUEEN(!) navigates young adulthood with his best friend, Margot Bennet. Recently uprooted to the Big Apple and reeling from the recent deportation of his father, Santi strives to navigate the glamorous-gay-NYC-life he has sought and his relationship to his Latinidad and family’s precarious situation.

Status: Over the past year, a writers’ room, including Isabel, met and wrote twelve 30-45 minute episodes. The team is currently developing pitch material and putting together a series bible. Season one of (in)alienable is currently on YouTube as a six-episode webseries.

For more information and samples: email isabelpask@gmail.com