Hello! I'm a New York based, Texas born actor with Puerto Rican roots. I hold a BFA in Acting and a minor in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, where I received the Elisabeth Orion Award for Classical Acting. During my time there, I also trained at the London Academy for Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).


I have performed with various regional theatre companies around the country, and closer to home in New York. I'm also a proud writer and contributor for the bicoastal production company CNT Productions  and a member of the New York based artistic ensemble The Bellwether Project.


My passion for acting is fueled by my love of the world around me and the people in it; I am a voracious reader, a curious hiker, a spoken word artist, and a fiercely loyal friend, sister, and daughter. I believe in intersectional inclusivity, and am a strong advocate for equity, education, and the environment.

I am always sleuthing for miracles, both in the routine of each day and in the art I make and see.

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